AIP TRAVEL - Tips, Recipes & Gear

Below you'll find links to all of my favorite travel foods and travel gear. All of these items (and more) are referenced in my book "AIP SAFARI". You can read more about the book here.


"AIP Safari: Fast, Friendly Foods for Any Adventure" is your ultimate AIP travel guide with travel friendly recipes, packing tips and advice for handling everything from long car trips to international flights and everything in between.

Travel Foods


Travel Gear

Stanley Insulated Mug
Glass Water Bottles

eBags Crew Cooler
TRTL Travel Pillow

Premier Class Travel Blanket
Travelrest Travel Pillow

Car Seat back organizer/ cooler
Kid's Car Organizer & Cooler

Mini Crockpot Food Warmer
Hotlogic Portable Oven

Child Safety Harness for Airplanes
Travel Activity Station for baby
Car seat Gate check bag

GO GO Babyz Carseat stroller



          Kitchen Gear (for AIP Safari)


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